Day 7!! Stuttering Blog Saturday, Jun 16 2012 

Since I’m a magician, a stutterer, and basically awesome!  I am now the Awesome Stuttering Magician!!

Ok or not!

I’m right now on the road, but found a way to update while I am on the road.  So yay!!!

I changed the question to see fit.

How do you come across YouTube, and how did your life change since you started making videos?

First, how did I come across YouTube?  Well, certainly I don’t live under a rock here.  I use this thing called the internets.  😀  ok I’m doing being sarcastic.

Now a good stuttering question.  I was driving somewhere one day and went “hey maybe I should make YouTube videos on stuttering”.  I made my first video when Mason was nearly 1!  She is 5 now!  I would say I met some really cool people along the way.  Daniele Rossi (, Pam, TJ, and got back in touch with my friend Mitch.  I have yet to go to a NSA conference.  money and time never permitted it.  The video of calling Poison Control is the main one.  If you haven’t watched it, go and watch it on my channel. I’m glad I was a voice for us for the little moment in time.

Let me say this, my speech is worse now in the past 2 days than the past 2 years.  I guess the current situation is making me so emotionally drained that it is affecting my speech in ways it hasn’t in a LONG time.  I’m ok with it.  I had to go on the intercom yesterday, and I stuttered on the intercom!  I have NEVER done that before.  I was so mad at myself.  I didn’t kick myself for it.  You know that feeling when you are just upset at yourself, but that’s it.  Yea, that feeling.


ha!  I make stuttering jokes at work.  My boss is like man I gotta make like 10 phone calls to companies for products.  I’m like “Hey, I can call and make them last 30 minutes per call”  He just cracks up.  I don’t know, the phone is still the vice for the stutter.  I HATE the phone.  I will call if I have to, but if that doesn’t make my heart race still.

Man, the other day I had to call the movie theater to find my boyfriend’s hat.  Seriously, we were in theater 15.  You know how much my stutter LOVES f’s and s’s.  Shoot me.  I dreaded this call, but he was at work already.  I was being nice, and boy it was hard.  Good thing the kid was polite 😀


Don’t get me on ordering food.  I still have trouble.  GRRR I could go on forever, but I will let you people go along your merry way.  😀


Have a good day!!!!



Day 5, 6! Friday, Jun 15 2012 

There is no way I will update tomorrow, but Hey!  I just found a way to update anyway.  No more excuses Danielle…noooo more!!!


While my super powers let me update, I will be on the road at 5am until Sunday sometime.  😀  I’m super excited.  I will most likely post some pictures when I get back and settled.


Day 5:  Tell us your 3 favorite colors!


Well, let’s say my FAVORITE color is obvious.  You saw it on my Kindle and most likely my phone.  It’s pink!  I’m your typical girly girl.  I don’t have really another favorite color I go to basically.  If I had a gun pointed at my head and some crazy man yelling at me to say two more colors, those would be purple and green!  HA!  there you go


Day 6:  Favorite Season

OMG!  It varies by the state I live in!!!  I loooooove FALL!!!!  Yet in Louisiana we have 3 seasons.  Swinter, summer, and spring.  We don’t have fall whatosever.  I love spring as well.  Summer isn’t so bad up here.  I was in a jacket the other day.  Seriously in June.  In June, if you are in a jacket in Louisiana you would be looked at stupid crazy.  Fall is my favorite, by far, hands down.


Sorry I was MIA yesterday.  Private issues came up, and I had to deal with them.   Everything better be smooth going from here on out.    YAY!!!!  woooo road trip!!!!

Randomness of Danistuttermom and 30 day challenge… Wednesday, Jun 13 2012 

I so failed already.  lol


oh well


Talk about my favorite TV program…

wow I really don’t watch TV a lot anymore.  Honestly I do not.  I watch movies or read.  I don’t watch TV too much.  When I do, it’s Phineas and Ferb!!!  I also like Workaholics.  So seriously stupid funny I love it.  Blake is my favorite.  Please remember it’s almost half christmas people.  😀  Grey’s Anatomy is my must watch.  I haven’t watched the last 3 I kinda suck.  That’s really about it.  I don’t watch a lot of TV.  


Day 4:  Write about my closest friends


AWWW here we go!


Really, I don’t want to put names and stuff like that out here.  I so suck.


I have good friends both in Louisiana and Minnesota.  I keep up with my friends back at home.  I see them when I get down there from time to time.  I have a very dynamic group of friends.  I want to go into detail about everyone, but we would sit here FOREVER!!!  lol


so on with the randomness……

alright one last complaint about 50 shades…I’m done with the book and haven’t read the whole book yet.  Its just BAD horrible writing.  I’ve tried, and I’m so done.  I can’t do cheesy love stories.  I have always been that way.  but yet I read twilight.  Not for the love story, for the whole WTF is gonna happen at the end.  This I can’t get through the love story and find out why he is messed up. lol so ruin it for me please people..thank you!!!  I need to find another book at this point.  I have Wicked in paperback.  That most likely will be my next book.  

Your most likely asking why can’t I do love stories.  One word:  “CHEESY”.  I just can’t for the life of me can’t read a story that can’t be real.  I believe in love, YES!  Obviously, I was married to a person who wasn’t my lobster.  (if you got that your flipping awesome!!).  We just weren’t right for each other in the end.  I do believe in love more than the next chick does.


I’m also packing for my trip to St. Louis this weekend. Sooooo exciiiiiittttteeeeddd!  I loooove road trips, and yet won’t vlog about it.  Just not a good time right now.  I better get used to this traveling thing again.  😀  This is all I got basically

Day 2 of 30 day challenge! Monday, Jun 11 2012 

Talk about your piercings and/or tattoos! 

Well obviously I have my ears pierced.  No tattoos YET!

I had my belly button pierced…twice.  First time, they did it wrong.  Second time, I lost the barbell, and well I took it out.  I had my tongue pierced like a genius with a stutter.  BAD idea…but not really.  If we have something in our mouths, we usually don’t stutter so they say.  I believe that to be full fledge piece of bull, honestly.  

Tattoos.  My plans on to get my children’s name tattooed on my left wrist.  Left hand is closer to your heart than your right.  My second tattoo will be the fleur-de-lis on my left foot.  Why there?  Your feet always keep you grounded through all the drama and turbulence in your life.  Left foot obviously closer to my heart.  Fleur de lis…my home will always be in Louisiana in my heart.  Never forget where I came from, what I went through in Louisiana.  The good times and the bad.  I have many special days in Louisiana.  One honestly I will never regret.  No matter if he reads this or not, I do not regret making that decision.  We made honestly the most two amazing kids together.  


HA!  ok back to random.  One day this week, I should make a blog post/video about NinaG’s video on Sh*t  Fluent People say to Stutters.  That’s on my to-do list!!!!  HA!  I have a HUGE one this week.  😀  


Until next time my friends……….

Randomness by Danistuttermom day 3 (day 1 of 30 day challenge) Monday, Jun 11 2012 

I’m just soo happy right now.  😀  Well, I can’t really say a lot right now why.  I’m just soo happy.


OK OK!  I got back to reading 50 shades of Grey.  Ok don’t ruin it for me….I’m almost done with book one.  Ok i fast forward through the sex parts.  I mean c’mon it’s stupid cheesy at this point.  I heard when you get through book 1, you won’t put Darker, or Freedom down.  I want to get to the whole why is Mr. Grey all 50 shades of messed up.  

Annnd the lights keep flickering.  Someone hold me!!!!

I just so went blank on everything I wanted to say…..

Ok omit what I just said.  I was looking at the 30 day challenge I found on pinterest!  I’m addicted to that website!  it does not need to be so addicting.  so here we go



Ok, my given birth middle name is Renee.  Kinda cliche’ from where I am from.  My best childhood friend has the same middle name.  I was basically named after a family member who happens to be deceased and male.  His name was Daniel Ray, so I was named Danielle Renee.  no last names here peeps.  Well, if my brother was a girl, he would have been named after my Dad, but spelled like the girl name.  Kinda makes a little bit more sense about my daughters name.  There is a reason we picked my daughter’s name as we did.  


haha I think this is going to be fun.  This is going to let me come out of my shell, and let me talk about my life other than stuttering.  So enjoy the 30 day challenge.  Let’s do this!  


I maybe a few days behind starting next week, personal time 😀


Day 2 of DaniStuttermom’s Randomness Saturday, Jun 9 2012 

Now since I already complained about 50 shades of Grey, let’s see what I can talk about.

I can seriously ruin Hunger Games for you, or tell you a crazy review on Snow White and the Huntsman (Huntsmen) whatever.  You get it…..

I will tell you about my two days…


haha so after I posted my video, I went for drinks with one of my best girl friends here.  She is pretty damn awesome.  We were talking kids, ex husbands, etc.  You know the usual girl chatter at this point.  After that, I had a work function basically.  We were helping a local high school’s graduation party.  So we were in charge of the inflatables.  Imagine grown women/men get the freedom for an hour to play on those things.  I was EXHAUSTED before the lucky newly graduated peeps came and did their thing.  I woke up so freaking sore!!!


Let me speak about the craziness they go all out on graduation parties here in Minnesota.  SERIOUSLY!  I come from a small town in Louisiana.  The cafeteria was as big as my whole damn entire high school.   This was my high school graduation 1500 years ago.  We graduated (woohoo), had a party at the local community center, and we all got up at 5am and went to Florida for the week.  Good times my friend…good times.

Here, the school/parents/pta (who knows) gets the big ol themed party going.  Bouncy things, games, family freaking feud in the main lobby (seriously I was gonna throw my boss down to that one), monopoly, legal gambling at a school, salsa lessons.  Yet here is the kicker, at 11pm they lock the students in.  OMG NO!  haha what’s the last thing you want when you graduate…to be locked in right?!?  craziness.  Mind you, I come from the state where Swamp People looks somewhat normal to me.  I guess I can’t judge.


alright, that’s all I got for today……..woohoo for day 2!!!

Well I remembered my password…. Friday, Jun 8 2012 

Since I updated my YouTube Channel, I have decided to rename it Random Thoughts by Danistuttermom.  It’s very damn random.  I’m on a writer’s block for almost 2 years now with stuttering.  So why not have a little fun in life, and just blog about things.  Let’s list the things I should blog about:

1.  Things that make me happy

2.  Things that piss me off

3.  Books I read or decide in the middle to quit reading

4.  Things I do that includes my oh so fun job (but will be careful about)

5.  how AWESOME I am damn it

Mason and JJ will have a blog as well.  Funny thing is..I just remembered they had a blog when I added the app to my Kindle Fire YAY!!!

So let’s this be a novel now.  I will do all of the above RIGHT NOW!

I vlogged about my trip to NOLA!  Let’s say it was pretty awesome to go back and enjoy NOLA!  We went to Congo Square on the way to St. Louis Cematary where Marie Laveaux is buried at.  Congo Square is the square where the slaves had their Sunday get together basically every week.  Pretty cool history lesson right?!?    I know I’m pretty awesome at explaining things.  I went to Fleurty Girl.  Link will be down at the bottom of the video which you should watch.  I highly recommend my awesome randomness.

which is right here for your viewing pleasure:

Nothing right now that I can talk about is pissing me off, well other than the whole I don’t know what is going on with my life BS right now.  Ah well, save that for another blog.


My personal vendata with 50 Shades of Grey.  SERIOUSLY, I’m so stuck on this book.  Anatansia Steele is so damn wishy washy it makes me angry.  It’s like make up your d#mn mind.  You like him I get that.  He is awesomely hott, I get that.  I can’t get over his stupid controlling aspect of his life.  I’m dying to know WHY he is 50 shades of screwed up honestly.  Only reason I’m into the book.  Yea the whole sex scene BS…I giggle through it like a teenage girl.  It’s soooo stupid.  Don’t get me on the fact the girl WAS a virgin and then having great sex.  LOL oh come on!  Yes I was controlled in my past, but not that in fact of being sexually controlled.  My little self wouldn’t put up with that.  I put up with a lot of BS you can sling your way, but hell no, not that.  You got the wrong crazy red head.  The fact is she can’t drive her VW Bug!  OH WTF!  I drove one for 3 years and I miss my baby!  I had to sell her because I got pregnant.  I think seeing a baby in a car that was made in the 70s would constitute getting social services called on me.  Random fact:  I drove a 1973 VW Super  Beetle in HS, and bought another one in 2003.  😀

LOL would I put up with the crazy BDSM for a damn Audi…lol if you know me very well you would say no.  LOL  but in all seriousness, my car is a GD mess.  LOL but I do need a car with a backseat.  SO give me a SUV…almost put SVU!  AWESOME.  If you don’t like random blogs, you apparently have the wrong one now.
This is how my brain works honestly.  Scary right?!?

Alright, this is all the randomness you will get today so far.  I might update later.

I haven’t updated via video… Friday, Dec 30 2011 

I know I know I haven’t updated a video in so long.


First of all, I wish I could go into detail everything, but I just can’t.  Most of ya’ll know Mason went to go get her speech evaluation.   Her results came back a few weeks, and it’s a severe disfluency.  I didn’t believe the “severe” part until I finally heard her block completely.  It tore my heart apart.  As a parent with the same “disability”, it tears at your heart strings.   She even has the “quirks” I have.  She changes her words, or doesn’t answer.


The feeling of guilt is there.  I won’t lie to you.  She blocks, changes her words to not stutter, or doesn’t answer at all.  Her chances of growing of it are slim to none.  1) for the fact of it’s hereditary at least 5 people in my family stutter, and 2) her family support is not there.  (that’s ANOTHER story I’m not willing to go into)  Some of ya’ll know I’m going through a HORRIBLE custody battle.  Most of ya’ll don’t, so that’s why I don’t want to go there.  The fact she has the little “quirks” of a stutterer, also gives me the idea she won’t grow out of it.


I will say I’m a PROUD parent of a stutterer as well.  We have a bond that no one can ever break.  I’ll be there for her, and yes I will push her when she gets uncomfortable.  She will need it, but she can always be frustrated and come to me in the end.


this is something I was dreading since she was a little girl.  I will look at this as a blessing in disguise, and know I have another battle of acceptance of stuttering.  Not my own anymore, my daughters…..

Thanks to a special viewer… Thursday, Aug 18 2011 

I will be posting more videos starting in the next few weeks.  I’m going through personal hell.  I’m starting a journal about it.  You’ll notice someone people missing for right now.  Videos up soon….

I need to be better at this Tuesday, Jun 28 2011 

I am still alive! Just a lot is going on personally, and I will be updating youtube, and this blog more often after all the personal issues have settled. I will update on everything then.

I am just sad I can’t make it to the NSA conference this year. 😦 It runs so close to what is happening personal wise, I just can’t make it. Next year, if I’m not there, you can all find me and make me go. 😀 I will try so hard in the next week to post a video. When I update again…..

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